Boss, Dream Interpretation

Symbolic of authority.

A boss may symbolize a parent, teacher, guardian, or supervisor

One who is bossy or in an authoritative position

To see your boss in your dream may symbolize the controlling part of your character. Your boss may reflect your own aggressiveness and dominance. This dream is suggesting that you may have problems handling the influences that a person in a superior position holds over you. It may also imply that you are too immersed in your career and you need to focus more on your home life. Dreaming about your boss can also represent your feelings of constraint and inability to express your individuality.

To dream that you are afraid of your boss represents your apprehension and anxiety regarding those in power. You are not in control of your own destiny and you feel unable to change the course of your life. Perhaps this dream is mirroring the association that you have with your boss. This may suggest certain conflicts or matters that must be addressed in your place of employment.

To see your boss in your dream, represents the bossy or authoritative side of your own personality. This dream is telling of your issues of control and authority. Or, it’s possible that you’re dreaming of your boss simply because you are obsessed or worried about your work.

To dream that you are afraid of your boss, means you feel like someone else is running your life or ordering you around.

If you were the boss, your dream reflects your self-confidence and ability to take charge of matters in your life.

1. Internal authority, usually behaviorally and emotionally.

2. Internal accountability and responsibility, often regarding work and business affairs.

3. Difficulties with authority or authority figures.

4. A need or desire to be more independent, self-sufficient.

See Employer.

Dreams of an authority figure reflect your issues, thoughts and feelings about being in power or being at the mercy of a powerful person. See Employee/Employer.

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Dreaming about your boss: expect something unpleasant in the near future. Having an argument with your boss: problems at work; you feel insecure and afraid you are going to lose your job. Shaking hands with your boss: you will change jobs. Receiving a gift from your boss might mean a loss or a change of job.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about your boss usually means you’re worried about problems at work or afraid of losing your livelihood.... Dreamers Dictionary

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Symbol of male authority, as in Father. You are really your own boss. Or the “chief” is a symbol of your own, higher authority.

The ability to self-govern. Positive interpretation: positive masculinity, “ruler” over your own affairs. Seeing yourself as a chief is usually a wish-dream or a compensatory dream: you feel inferior and inadequate, or you are not making good use of your powers. According to Jung, it is usually the voice of the domineering, masculine side of us.

Folklore: Dreaming about your chief / boss is a sign of advancement and thereby prosperity.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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