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Carrying a briefcase represents concerns about work and travel. Losing a briefcase may represent loss of freedom at work.

A briefcase holds important documents and may reflect the level at which you feel prepared.

Symbolic of professionalism and industry

A brief business transfer from one case or location to another

Vision: Seeing a briefcase means that someone has enough trust to share a secret with you. Losing your briefcase: all your secrets are being unveiled. Finding a briefcase with money inside: you would like to have money without working for it. Somebody stealing your briefcase: a warning to watch out for false friends. See Purse.

Depth Psychology: A briefcase is a symbol of your professional/business life.

To see or carry a briefcase in your dream, represents your level of preparedness in some situation or circumstance. It also refers to your concerns and worries about work and travel.

1. Work, professional attitudes and preparedness (note condition of portfolio).

2. A body of work, life’s creative achieve­ment.

3. Possible project in the offing, more responsibilities.

Dreams about this container for important, possibly secret documents represent your feelings and attitudes about your career and identity. Your life is in your briefcase.

A lost briefcase represents a transition in your career. See Purse and Baggage.

Briefcase | Dream Interpretation

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