Brown, Dream Interpretation

Depression; dullness; earthiness; excrement; conceal­ment. Idioms: brown study; browned off.

Earthy and rich, the color brown expresses your grounded nature. Brown may represent earthiness and cultural richness.

The color of work; shade represents the type, i.E.

The lighter, the easier

Illness. Materialism.

The colour of the earth and of commitment. It also symbolizes death.

Brown has always been the color of earth.

The tone is warm, calm, and motherly, feminine. Dressing in a brown dress in a dream means the dreamer has chosen a natural lifestyle or would like to live that way.

Depth Psychology: Brown is a mixture of orange and black. It is the color that symbolizes a connection to the earth, humility, indestructibility, nature, earth, excrement, and emotional stamina. It is passive but persistent.

See Colors.

Nature, nature-connected, vitality, grounded- ness. Also vacation and sunshine. Clay, mud, feces. It also might point to subjugation.

In dreams, the color brown signifies good luck with money and comfort at home. It can also symbolize feeling closer to nature.

Beware of treachery on the part of someone whom you trust.

1. Good fortune in the offing, often in financial affairs.

2. Practical matters.

3. Waste and decay.

Dreams of the color brown symbolize that which is plain, functional, and earthy. This dream could be a call for you to become more grounded. See Chakra-1st-Base of Spine and Color.

Brown is not the most cheerful color in the spectrum. It is a very serious color which is associated with the earth, dirt, or soil. Autumn is generally brown and it represents a season of dormancy and conservatism.

The brown in your dream may be symbolic of physical reality and earthiness. It may represent things in their barest form, and its interpretation may encourage you to add some light and depth into your daily life. See also: Colors

(see Colors)

Depression and foreboding, especially if hovering around you in the dream.

An earthy color that can indicate good foundations, practicality, and the potential for growth (e.g., “being down to earth”). Much depends on where or how the color appears in the dream.

Brown | Dream Interpretation

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A brown to tawny-coloured horse means the owner will travel to some land where he will face harships.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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(Tan) Brown skin in a dream represents mixed ancestry. (Also see Colors)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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A kind work done for another... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

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Symbolic of love, fellowship, food, and family... Christian Dream Symbols

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Important information or truth you need to gather up (see Water). Remember, however, that one must go to the well and lower the bucket for it to be useful.

An alternative cup emblem that indicates more profuse quantities.... The Language of Dreams

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To dream about brownies suggests that you are congratulating yourself for something recently achieved. However, in the future, this dream tells you to learn to share your workload and let others help, instead of trying to do everything yourself. Sometimes, this dream may also mean that you have been indulging in too many excesses and need to practice some self-restraint.... My Dream Interpretation

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Balancing spiritual ideas. ... Expansions Dream Dictionary

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Hash browns in a dream may indicate that you are longing for home.

To dream of eating hash browns represents a need for comfort. There may be an emptiness in your life which you wish to fill. Eating too many hash browns in a dream indicates a fear of lack of control over oneself, or an inability to protect oneself from self harm.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

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To see or eat hash browns in your dream suggests that you are experiencing money worries.... My Dream Interpretation

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