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Dream Meanings of Versatile

Magically, a broom is a witch’s implement. In dreams, brooms and brushes can have a similar meaning in that they clear a spiritual space of negativity in preparation for changes to be made.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Material aspects: On a mundane level, the proverbs associated with brooms and brushes – ‘a new broom sweeps clean’ etc. – Show us the actions that are necessary to make workaday life easier.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Gives gender - specific: Brooms and brushes have largely given way to technological advances. In dreams, however, they still retain their old significance. In a man’s dream, a broom may suggest ordinary, mundane tasks, whereas in a woman’s dream it may suggest control over her environment.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of using a hair-brush, denotes you will suffer misfortune from your mismanagement.

To see old hair brushes, denotes sickness and ill health.

To see clothes brushes, indicates a heavy task is pending over you.

If you are busy brushing your clothes, you will soon receive reimbursement for laborious work.

To see miscellaneous brushes, foretells a varied line of work, yet withal, rather pleasing and remunerative. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Using a brush to remove something from your Clothes: you are unconsciously longing for affection from a certain person. Seeing a brush is often a sign of frustration or ugly gossip in the near future. Buying a brush: other people envy you. Brushing/ polishing Shoes: Do other people treat you badly? Did somebody ustep on your toes”? Seeing many brushes: arguments in the near future. Scrubbing the floor with a brush: you need to deal with problems; do you need to “get down on your knees” for some reason? See Hair.... Dreamers Dictionary

Psycho Dream Interpretation

A hairbrush warns a dreamer about carelessness in work and personal appearance.

A clothes brush, a weighty assignment is bothering the dreamer. Many brushes, too many interests.... Psycho Dream Interpretation

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