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Meeting Buddha on the road in a dream signifies that you are on the path of enlightenment. Through compassion and a clear mind you may attain the light of the Buddha. (See Bodi tree.)

To see Buddha in a dream is symbolic of someone who is filled with Buddhist religious influences

If you were the Buddha, this is a dream of contrary. You may feel in possession of knowledge and wisdom that you don’t currently have, but that you can obtain through study and meditation.

Dreaming of being in the presence of the Buddha is a very powerful dream, possibly an actual experience of the Buddha or the wisdom he embodied, or a harbinger of such an experience.

To see Buddha in your dream indicates that you will soon comprehend a previously confusing situation. It also represents intuition, empathy, and personal growth.

Vision: Seeing a Buddha or a statue of a Buddha means you are afraid of the influence someone has over you, but you are unable to escape it.

A Buddha talking to you means an unexpected joyful event. Praying to a Buddha: you want to tell another person what is in your heart but lack the courage (make sure to do it first thing in the morning!).

Depth Psychology: The image of a Buddha in a dream means you are afraid of how the influence another person has over you affects you. It may also be that you are searching for spiritual or intellectual guidance. See Guru.

To see Buddha in your dream symbolizes wisdom, insight, compassion, and inner spirituality.

Dreams of Buddha symbolize enlightenment, being in this world but not of it; -mastery, and knowing the truth of beauty, love, and oneness beyond appearances. You are awakening your ability to remain connected to your God/Goddess-self while you walk here on earth, experiencing freedom from the trappings of the world. See Dalai Lama and Prophetic Dreams.

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Buddha | Dream Interpretation

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1- There is a saying that goes if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.’ In dreams the Buddha represents the denial or loss of ego. There needs to be a liberation from thinking and desiring.

2- If we dream of being Buddhist, we need to look at the difference between western and eastern religion.

3- Spiritual Clarity and all that it entails.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

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