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The butcher has spiritual connotations with the grim reaper and death.

The meat cleaver can be taken to represent the scythe. As people become less accustomed to seeing a traditional butcher, such an image has not so much relevance.

Psychological / emotional perspective: We may need to become aware of a destructive – or rather divisive – streak in ourselves, one which at the same time has particular skills.

Material aspects: We see the butcher as one who mutilates, but provides for us at the same time, and this is reflected in dreams when he appears as someone who separates the good from the bad. He may also be a destroyer.

To dream about a butcher symbolizes unbridled feelings or some illicit act. It also means that you could be pushing the boundaries of your endurance.

Vision: Dreaming about a butcher: pay more attention to your own behavior and do something about your negative habits. Watching a butcher at work: get away from “cold hearted” people. See Battle.

Depth Psychology: Aggressive (repressed) tendencies are coming to the fore; or you are afraid of other people’s aggressive action.

The dream about a butcher is usually a general warning about some perceived danger. Examine the rest of the dream symbols.

Seeing or watching a butcher cut up meat means you must be careful not to cause gossip about your actions.

To see a butcher slaughter an animal presages the death of a relative.

A butcher in a dream represents the angel of death. Taking a knife from a butcher in a dream means falling sick, then recovering from one’s illness to become strong and healthy again. In a dream, a butcher also represents a man who causes destruction or evil, and particularly if he is seen holding his cutting knife, or ifhe is wearing a white uniform stained with blood. Ifone sees himself as a butcher wearing clean cloths, it represents longevity.

A good looking butcher in a dream represents a prosperous culmination of one’s life, or changing one’s trade. Ifsomeone looks at him with despise or in the wrong way in the dream, it means that something is unlawful in what he sells. Ifthe butcher is a man in the dream, he then represents the angel of death. Whatever place he appears in will bear the consequences.

A butcher in a dream also represents an unjust person. In a dream, if one sees a butcher who specializes in selling animal heads, he represents a guardian of people’s estates, or a treasurer of a company, he also could represent adversities or death.

If the animals’ heads cannot be identified in the dream, and if they still have their skin, hair, and are dripping blood in the dream, then it means the disappearance of the people of knowledge and that knowledge will become selectively disseminated by political leaders. Cattles’ heads here represent people in danger. Buying an animal’s head from a butcher in a dream means asking one’s superior for a teacher for a special training, a coach, a continuing education program, or a better job.

If a butcher slaughters an animal for fun in a dream, it means suspicion about one’s spiritual standing. Walking in a butchers market in a dream means adversities, sufferings, a quick death for sick people, loss of wealth for rich people, or the fear of people who are under oppression, or the scare of a person in debt concerning his family or property, or the fears of a person awaiting a court judgment. It is also said that a butcher in a dream represents tyranny and bloodshed.

If a prisoner sees a butcher in his dream, it means that he will soon be released fromjail. Seeing a butcher in a dream also signifies safety, dispelling fears, protection, silence, vanquishing one’s enemy, or it could mean meeting with a persuasive travel agent. (Also see Meat)

If he is unknown he symbolises the angel of death.

If known it sis a person who is every on the run to acquire riches.

To dream of a butcher symbolizes your raw emotions, or possibly some immoral behavior. You may be testing the limits of your physical strength.

You will meet with someone you have not seen for a long time. Act cautiously as this is not a lucky dream.

1. Use caution in emotional affairs (as in emotions may be “raw”).

2. Use caution in business affairs.

3. Possible illness.

Dreams of a butcher symbolize your ability to separate your heart from what you have to do. This is about your ability to cut someone out of your life if they aren’t healthy for you. You are setting boundaries without compassion or sensitivity.

If you normally have a hard time setting limits or boundaries, then this extreme archetype might be helpful for you to call upon. However, if you are normally cold and able to chop people out of your life without caring, then this dream is suggesting that sensitivity and empathy is necessary for you to achieve intimacy in relationships.

1- We see the butcher as one who mutilates, but provides for us at the same time, and this is reflected in dreams when he appeal s as someone who separates the good from the bad. He may also be a destroyer.

2- We may need to become aware of a destructive streak in ourselves.

3- The butcher has spiritual connotations with the Grim Reaper and death.

The meat cleaver could be taken to represent the scythe.

To see them slaughtering cattle and much blood, you may expect long and fatal sickness in your family.

To see a butcher cutting meat, your character will be dissected by society to your detriment. Beware of writing letters or documents.

To dream that he cuts up meat denotes trouble and sickness (Gypsy) ; probably a dream of physical stimuli originating in the organ that the butcher seems to be cutting.

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