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Dreaming of a cake is generally a good sign. Especially if the cake is one of a celebratory nature as this suggests we have cause to celebrate in life and / or to take heed of significant events in time. Sometimes the presence of a cake can mean - especially if the dreamer sees themself making a cake – someone or ourselves are in need of emotional care or healing.

Cakes or buns used in religious and magical rites and marked with the cross originally symbolized the round of the moon and its four quarters. Such cakes later became eastertime hot cross buns and in dreams suggest spiritual celebrations.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Baking cakes indicates our need to care for others or to nurture an inner need.

Material aspects: When we dream of celebration cakes – such as a wedding or birthday cake – we are being shown that there is cause for celebration in our lives.

Gives gender - specific: Traditionally, baking cakes was a particularly feminine activity, and therefore such dreams had more relevance to nurturing. As men develop their more caring side, cakes take on this meaning in their dreams.

To interpret the meaning of candles on a cake consult the entries for candle and numbers.

To dream of cakes generally means social or business pleasures such as entertaining.

To dream of a wedding cake, bad luck, in a small way. Pancakes or batter in a dream augur a bonus.

1- When we dream of celebration cakes - such as a wedding or birthday cake we are being shown that there is cause for celebration in our lives. This maybe to do with the actual cause for celebration or to mark the passage of time. (Candles on a cake see Candle and Numbers.)

2- Making cakes indicates our need to care for others or to nurture some inner need.

3- Sacrificial cakes, or buns, marked with the cross symbolise the round of the moon and its four quartcrs.

Batter or pancakes, denote that the affections of the dreamer are well placed, and a home will be bequeathed to him or her.

To dream of sweet cakes, is gain for the laboring and a favorable opportunity for the enterprising. Those in love will prosper. Pound cake is significant of much pleasure either from society or business.

For a young woman to dream of her wedding cake is the only bad luck cake in the category. Baking them is not so good an omen as seeing them or eating them.

(see Btiking. Eating, Frosting)

Labors that result in favorable outcomes, especially if the cake rise

Something that’s easy, possibly too easy (e.g., a “piece of cake”).

Eating cake alone can reveal selfishness, or being out of touch with the needs of others (e.g., “let them eat cake”).

Eating cake with others may be a type of initiation, or another sacred ritual. Specially prepared cakes feature predominantly in many such pagan observances.

Birthday cakes are an emblem of celebrations and wishes. This may be an actual memory surfacing, so look to see who else appears in the dream. Count the candles on the cake for numerical significance, and see who is joining in the festivities.

Cakes | Dream Interpretation

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Gypsy Dream Dictionary

See Eating / Drinking.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Also called flapjacks, pancakes may represent a product that can be delivered quickly. It may also represent a stack of work you might derive pleasure from cutting into.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of pancakes signify a treat or reward. Perhaps you are acknowledging the stack of all the good and sweet things you’ve done recently. You are taking good care of your inner child.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

Making or serving pancakes in a dream forecasts an exciting and satisfying increase in social activity.

To dream of eating pancakes signifies success in your current undertakings.

If they were made of buckwheat, the omen is of a calm life with slow but steady progress.... My Dream Interpretation

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