Caller, Dream Interpretation

(See Clouds; Invisible caller; Shouting)

Caller | Dream Interpretation

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My Dream Interpretation

To dream of seeing a familiar name on Caller I.D. in your dream, symbolizes the way you feel about that person. Your intuition about them may turn out to be true. They might even call you soon! If you see your own name showing up on Caller I.D., you are in touch with your spiritual side.

If you don’t recognize the name on your caller I.D., the dream may be trying to bring you a message from your unconscious mind. Pay attention to any news you get in this dream, because it could be your inner voice, telling you what you need to hear. This dream can also represent your feelings about someone you love who has moved out of your life.... My Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Muezzin) In a dream, he is the person who calls for what is good and blessed, or he could represent a broker or an officiant who performs wedding ceremonies or the messenger of the king or his door attendant. (Also see Muezzin)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Voice) Hearing the voice of an invisible caller admonishing, commanding, forbidding, blessing, or reprimanding the person seeing the dream means exactly what one has heard and has no further interpretations. This includes all voices. (Also see Voice)... Islamic Dream Interpretation
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