Calomel, Dream Interpretation

To dream of calomel shows some person is seeking to deceive and injure you through the unconscious abetting of friends.

For a young woman to dream of taking it, foretells that she will be victimized through the artful designing of persons whom she trusts.

If it is applied externally, she will close her eyes to deceit in order to enjoy a short season of pleasure.

If you dream of taking caJomel, you will take a Short trip.

To dream of giving it to someone else is a warning against running unnecessary risks.

Calomel | Dream Interpretation

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Encyclopedia of Dreams

To dream of calomel is not a good sign at all as to see it means much unhappiness dealt to you by anothers hand.

If you are drinking calomel tea you will allow yourself to be deceived to save a marriage or relationship. This is a warning that you are being used and should exit this relationship as soon as possible.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

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