Capital, Dream Interpretation

city such as London, Tokyo, Moscow, unless the home of the dreamer, depict material opportunity, central is­sues in dreamer’s life; the central sense of self, around which other issues revolve.

If somewhere like Jerusalem or Mecca then one’s central religious drives and ideas.

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If the capital in the dream is to do with finance then the dreamer should conserve resources.

If the capital refers to a city it is indicative the dreamer has something to learn with respect to the customs or culture of the place in question.

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1- I’o dream of one’s financial capital would imply a need to conserve resources. Dreaming of a country’s capital city indicates we should look at our attitude to the wider issues in that country or our conncction with that city. We may also need to consider how we deal with large groups of people, particularly those whose customs and accepted behaviour is unknown.

2- To dream of capital letters could indicate that we need to pay more attention to important issues in our lives. There is a matter which needs sorting out.

3- Spiritually, capital is the result of past actions.

(CITY OR TOWN)-Ruling Government or authorities.Group consciousness. 

Capital | Dream Interpretation

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Symbolic of rule, authority, government, Rom. 13:1 ... Christian Dream Symbols

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