Capri Pants, Dream Interpretation

Only partial protection for one’s personal abilities, because they are short; research the color; see “pants”

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Only partial protection for one’s personal abilities, because they are short; research the color; see “pants”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

A mirror of oneself (people under this sign are ambi­ tious, progressive, politically astute and have an offbeat sense of humor). ... New American Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(astr. See Moon)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Earth, structure, foundation, and stability are the traits of Capricorn. Its arrival in a dream, whether as the goat or as its symbolic senpture, may signify a need to create more structure in your life. It may announce the arrival of someone who will offer stabilizing support, such as a financial benefactor.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Strangest Dream Explanations

If you dream of the astrological sign Capricorn, then you are connecting with the aspect of you that is capable, hard-working, determined, dominant, and tyrannical. Your dream may be telling you to recognize your natural leadership and/or to empower others to lead. See Astrology.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Dream Meanings of Versatile

The symbol is the goat and it governs the knees.

The colours associated with the sign are violet and green; its specific gemstones are jet and black onyx.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Ariadne's Book of Dream

The Romeo of film actors, Leonardo may appear in a dream to take the hand of a dreamer into the chamber of romantic love. He may portray the projection of the perfect lover as youthful and innocent. He may announce the arrival of a scul-mate relationship.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Shows authority; research the color and fabric; see “legs”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Panties; Trousers; Underpants) In a dream, they represent a firm person who manages his affairs carefully. Wearing a new pair of pants in a dream also means that one will find a new job. (Also see Panties)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Clothing generally represents the roles that we play in life and how others perceive us.

If putting on pants or changing your pants, plays a major part in your dream you may be questioning your role at work, home, or in any other area of life.

The physical look of the pants, who is wearing them, and the emotional content of the dream will give you clues to its meaning.

If your were trying to cover up your genitalia, then the dream may be bringing up sexual issues.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

If putting on pants or changing your pants, was a major activity in your dream you may be questioning your role (at work or/and in private life).... Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Vanity, self-portrayal, trying to hide shame (getting “caught with your pants down”).

If a pair of pants is seen in the context of “I am the one that wears the pants,” particularly in a man’s dream, it represents a picture of self-determination and gender identity.

For both men and women, this dream symbol may also be, at the same time, an overemphasis on one’s masculine side. See also Container, Genital Organ, Leg.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Ariadne's Book of Dream

In a dream, putting on a brand-new pair of slacks may mention trying on a new attitude of manhood.

A woman putting on men’s slacks may point up her tendency to ovendentify with male qualities in order to feel successful in the world.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Putting on a pair of pants: you would like to be in charge of your family and your surroundings (this is the case for men’s and women’s dreams). It may also indicate that you resent the power others have over you. Taking off a pair of pants: you seem to be leading a very superficial life.

Losing your pants: other people are mocking you. See Clothes.

Depth Psychology: Pants in a dream are a sign of your need for protection; or are you afraid that others will expose you? See Shirt. Are you paying too much attention to your appearance? Have you been “caught with your pants down”? Are you afraid of getting caught without your pants on? and if so, why?... Dreamers Dictionary

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of wearing a pair of pants represent being in control, and being in your powerful, masculine energy. See Clothes.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

To see or wear pants in your dream may suggest you are questioning your role in some situation.

If the pants were dirty and you were trying to clean, this means you want to change something about your personality.

A dream of pants that fit too tightly suggests you feel smothered in a relationship. Torn or ripped pants indicate that there is some flaw in your thinking or thought process - you need to alter your reasoning.

A dream of wearing velvet pants signifies your sensual side.... My Dream Interpretation

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Intimate sexual feel­ings.

If black: restraint or unconscious sex drives. Dirty or grubby: sex attitudes we are not proud of; difficult feelings about biological side of self. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

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