Cashier, Dream Interpretation

To dream of a cashier implies a money worry that needs reigning in before it gets out of control. There is a suggestion of fear that if you let yourself have what you want in life others may miss out, causing you to feel guilty.

If you dreamed about a cashier in a store, or if you dreamed of being a cashier, you might soon run into some financial worries. Watch your spending.

To imagine yourself in charge of other people’s money is a bad omen ; expect financial worry or even loss.

1. Tallying up one’s life.

2. Be careful.

Dreams of a cashier symbolize that you are connecting with your internal money manager, and are processing your issues with money. This dream can also be a message for you to pay an emotional debt and/or that you are paying the price for your choices in life. See Money and Karma.

To see a cashier in your dream, denotes that others will claim your possessions.

If you owe any one, you will practice deceit in your designs upon some wealthy person.

Cashier | Dream Interpretation

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Strangest Dream Explanations

If you dream of registering to vote or of signing up for something, then this represents a willingness to allow that, which you’ve signed up for, to influence your life. Consider what you are registering for so that you can understand what you are subconsciously saying “Yes” to.

If you dream of a cash register, see Cashier.... Strangest Dream Explanations

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