Casino, Dream Interpretation

A casino is symbolic of worldly living.

The games within are symbolic of gambling with your life. Winning at a casino is symbolic of the treasures of the world

A mistress of chance; see “mistress”

To dream that you are at a casino represents the person inside you that readily takes chances.

If you are a more restrained individual, this dream could suggest that you need to accept more risks.

If you are outgoing, you could be required to make a reasoned decision rather than accepting chance or destiny.

To dream that you are in a casino, signifies the risk-taker within you.

If you are a reserved or shy person in real life, then the dream suggests that you should take a chance.

If you are not, then it symbolizes that you need to make more informed decisions about your life, instead of relying on fate and luck.

1. Risky enterprise.

2. Drawn by false promises of success.

Casino | Dream Interpretation

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