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Feelings of security or insecurity, our defensive atti­tudes; the way we defend ourself against ‘attack’; past atti­tudes which may have been necessary in childhood to defend ourselves while strengthening our identity.

Symbolic of a stronghold, 2 Kings 15:25

A secure fortress and retreat; the promise of future blessings

Castles are fortresses designed to keep enemies out. Thus, to dream of a castle indicates we may have built up a fortress to our perceived vulnerabilities in life.

Dreaming of a castle links us to the principle of an enclosed and defended private space. Spiritually it suggests some kind of test or challenge or overcoming obstacles in order to gain greater understanding.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Before we can be fully open to other people, we normally have to let down our barriers, and being trapped in a castle may highlight our difficulty in freeing ourselves from old attitudes. Trying to enter a castle signifies that we recognize that we ourselves create difficulties which have to be overcome.

Material aspects: A castle can represent the fantastic, the unattainable or perhaps difficulty in obtaining our objectives.

Gives gender - specific: The castle represents the essential feminine wisdom so a woman is more likely to dream of being in a castle.

A man will tend to dream of trying to enter one.

To dream of a castle indicates that you will receive appreciation, admiration, and credit from your peers for a job well done. You will be showered with great joy and bliss and endowed with a large circle of close friends and family. You will enjoy prosperity and an elevated social status.

To dream that you live in a castle represents your desire for solace and safety. Be careful that you don’t distance yourself from those who love and care for you.

To dream of standing outside a castle indicates the awakening of a powerful source of wisdom within you at this time.

To dream of standing inside a castle suggests there may be a visit or connection with an authority figure. Be sure to listen to any advice given as this may lead to the unlocking of powerful energy and information leading you to fulfillment.

Vision: Looking at a castle: you have too much imagination and unrealistic dreams—a recipe for disappointment. Living in a castle: “pride goes before a fall.’’ Being a guest in a castle: you will meet a distinguished, influential person.

Depth Psychology: The castle is a warning of being too vain and ambitious. See Fortress, Palace.

If you dream that you live in a magnificent castle and everyone obeys your every command, and grants your every wish, this foretells that you will have a happy, comfortable home with a loving and generous spouse. On the other hand, if the castle is old, and the brick work is crumbling, you will do well to curb any actions you are taking that may jeopardize your marriage, whether it be cheating, or temper fits.

Ambition. You have high ideals and a great desire to advance yourself. Some Gypsies say that to dream of castles can also mean a coming journey that will take you where you have never been before. It could lead to adventure, opportunity mystery. Be ready for anything!

(Fortress; Stronghold) In a dream, a castle means using the vehicle of truth. That is how the proverb “Truth is a castle” came about.

A castle in a dream also represents its owners, an army’s fortification, or it may represent knowledge, the Qur’an, or it could mean seeking refuge in God’s protection from the evils of the accursed Satan and his armies, such as deities, preposterous or exaggerated titles, etcetera.

The towers of a castle in a dream represent the leaders. Its battlement represents the solders and spies. Its gates represent the guards. Its fortress represents the minister. Its hospices and barns represent the clan or the coffers. It is also said that a castle in a dream could represent an infallible and a strong person. Seeing it from a distance. means rising in rank or guarding one’s chastity. (Also see Citadel; Fortress)

To dream of a castle means good fortune is coming to you.

This omen has varying meanings, but is generally held to indicate a quarrel through your own bad temper. In some places, it is said to show a marriage that opens well, but drifts into difficulties.

1. If one is living in the castle, one has been rewarded for something.

2. One is dreaming of glory.

To dream of being in a castle, great ambitions and, by pursuing them, great wealth may be yours.

If you see an old castle, dilapidated but still beautiful, disappointment and frustration may disturb you temporarily.

If you live in a dream castle, tradition promises vast riches and holdings.

Dreams of a castle forecast wealth and prominence. Also, dreams of a castle are a sign that your wishes will come true. See Fairy Tale.

also see Buildings

1- Dreaming of a castle links us right back to the feminine principle of the enclosed and defended private space. It can represent the fantastic or perhaps difficulty in obtaining our objectives.

2- Before we can be fully open to other people, we normally have to let down our barriers, and being trapped in a castle may represent our difficulty in freeing ourselves from old attitudes. Trying to enter a castle signifies that we recognise obstacles which have to be overcome.

3- Spiritual testing; overcoming obstacles in order to gain greater understanding.

To dream of being in a castle, you will be possessed of sufficient wealth to make life as you wish. You have prospects of being a great traveler, enjoying contact with people of many nations.

To see an old and vine-covered castle, you are likely to become romantic in your tastes, and care should be taken that you do not contract an undesirable marriage or engagement. Business is depressed after this dream.

To dream that you are leaving a castle, you will be robbed of your possessions, or lose your lover or some dear one by death.

A castle in a dream may be symbolic of the “cavern of the heart.” It represents the home of the human spirit (yours) and the natural self. Dreams with castles in them may come from deeper levels of the unconscious, or the collective unconscious. They may represent spiritual transcendence and the mysterious and intangible force that seems to quietly, but firmly, direct our lives.

A castle in a dream may also represent feelings of security, protection, isolation or remoteness. You may have a castle dream when you have realized a desire or accomplished a goal. Darkened castles may be symbolic of unconscious or unfocused desires, at times, black castles represent our failures and white, or lighted castles, symbolize achievement and awareness. Home and ruling authorities within.Contained life.Group consciousness. 

Living in is an indication that you will have a suitor who is undesirable.

Entering is a premonition of marriage with someone you have known only a short time.

Leaving a castle alone betokens the breaking of an engagement; with a party, it is the sign of a quarrel that may or may not turn out disastrously.

Seeing a castle forecasts an impending change in your circumstances, either in love affairs or in finances.

To dream of owning or living In a castle foreshadows a luxurious life in which your resources will enable you to live according to your personal desires or whims.

Dreaming of a castle indicates that you’re currently having a problem with controlling anger. Dreaming of visiting a castle indicates you’ll soon be traveling.

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The Language of Dreams

(see Apartment, Buildings by type, Cave)

Physical matters, as with any structure. Note the condition of each portion of the castle and its relationship to your body (see Body, Car).

According to Henry David Thoreau, the image of our highest hopes and aspirations that may or may not have any foundation to uphold them (e.g., building “castles in the air”).

Matters of honor or chivalry, going back to medieval tradition.

A place or situation that seems safe and secure, as if surrounded by an impenetrable mote.

The mote, however, may also represent obstacles or ai~mor that you place between yourself and others.

Being locked in the tower or dungeon of a castle: A type of cage dream.

An old, vine-covered castle represents romantic idealism that may not have any footing in reality. Take care not to get locked into this vision without being aware that the “here and now” cannot always meet up to lofty expectations.... The Language of Dreams

Dream Meanings of Versatile

The castle or fortress has been seen as a defended space since medieval times and, therefore, can be taken to represent the protected feminine. Its connection with the great mother and her attribute of wisdom arises from this concept.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Dreamers Dictionary

Symbol: A fortress is a svmbol of security and safety.

Vision: Living in a fortress: vou are satisfied with your present situation. Do vou have a need for more safety? Do vou need to protect yourself against the outside world? Seeing a fortress: a sense of adventure has been kindled. Standing in front of a fortress with the gates locked: your plans or actions will be met with resistance.

Depth Psychology: A fortress is a place of protection; for some, it might represent danger. Are you self-absorbed? Have you withdrawn from others? Do you feel comfortable in this fortress? Are the windows and doors closed? See Castle, House, Palace, Rock.... Dreamers Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of sand castles suggests that you should beware of a new acquaintance who will try to exploit you. This dream can also symbolize that you are standing on uneasy ground in a relationship or new life situation.... My Dream Interpretation
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