Being given a certificate in a dream suggests recognition for some accomplishment, whether it is in business or an indication of personal or spintual growth.

A certificate is a symbol of authenticity.

To be given a certificate in a dream is symbolic of being granted authorization to do something, Neh. 10:1, Ester 8:8

Literal certification, whether formal or informal

As a paper acknowledgement of a learnt skill, a certificate suggests awareness of the long-term benefit of spiritual knowledge – perhaps an initiation into a particular type of this knowledge.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Being given a certificate or diploma suggests our efforts have been acknowledged by others. Giving someone such a document signifies that we have successfully passed on our own knowledge.

Material aspects: Since it confers status, we may dream of a certificate when we feel we have developed a degree of competence in our everyday life.

To see a certificate in your dream, suggests that you are seeking validation and truth in some situation.

You do not attempt to see things from other people’s point of view. Try to be more sympathetic in small ways and big events will ensue.

Dreams of a certificate are about approval, respect, authority and authenticity. Perhaps this dream reflects your desire to show the world that you are worthy.

If you’ve been waiting for a certificate to feel worthy or to begin doing your life’s work, then here it is.

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My Dream Interpretation

To see your birth certificate in your dream symbolizes your self-confidence. Consider the condition of the birth certificate - if it was damaged or torn, your confidence is failing.

To dream that you lose your birth certificate denotes confusion about your own self-identity.

If you dream of someone stealing your birth certificate, or getting a fake one, you may secretly feel that you’re not good enough.... My Dream Interpretation