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A spiritual challenge in dreams is one which takes us outside our comfort zone. This could show as a dream about a difficult journey for instance, an apparently insurmountable object or a descent into the underground. Ultimately we may find that it is not as difficult as we first thought.

Psychological / emotional perspective: We are forced to reassess our attitudes to our own concepts, ideals or deeply held beliefs when we are challenged in any way in dreams.

Material aspects: To be challenged in dreams perhaps by someone barring our way or having an argument suggests that we need to know and understand our skills and talents.

If you are challenged by another, you will be involved in an argument with the opposite sex.

If you are the one who issues the challenge, you will argue with someone of your own sex.

Dreams of a challenge symbolize that you are in the midst of a growth opportunity to deepen, strengthen, and perfect levels of mastery. Perhaps you are realizing a form of angelic support that will reveal your blessing in disguise. See Problem.

If you are challenged to fight a duel, you will become involved in a social difficulty wherein you will be compelled to make apologies or else lose friendships.

To accept a challenge of any character, denotes that you will bear many ills yourself in your endeavor to shield others from dishonor.

Challenge | Dream Interpretation

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My Dream Interpretation

If you dream that someone challenged you, be extra careful to avoid offending influential people.

If you did the challenging in your dream, you can expect someone of the opposite sex to give you a hard time.

If you dreamed of being assigned challenges or tasks, you need to stop procrastinating and get down to work on a current project or task.... My Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are a mentally challenged person, indicates that you are having feelings of self-doubt. You are afraid of being left out or left behind by others.

To see a mentally challenged person in your dream, suggests that someone around you is feeling ignored or overlooked. Perhaps you have failed to listen to what they have to say.... My Dream Interpretation

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