Champions, Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are successful in sports or games is a sign of poor success in business affairs. Pull yourself together and be more careful.

Champions | Dream Interpretation

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The Language of Dreams

(see Eating, Fruit)

Traditionally, masculinity or male sexuality.

Banana peel: A slippery situation to which you should be attentive. Caution against overlooking a potential hazard.

Banana cream pie: From the days of slapstick comedy. Developing a good sense of humor as an ally for coping with difficult people or situations.

Protection from negativity. In Hawaii, banana leaves are used as a talisman for this purpose.

Heroic energy. Somewhat connected to the masculine nature. In Polynesia, legend says that bananas were born from the blood of slain champions.... The Language of Dreams

Christian Dream Symbols

A champion boxer or a championship belt symbolizes God’s protection, Jer. 20:11 ... Christian Dream Symbols
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