Chef, Dream Interpretation

A master at serving others

One who prepares and serves spiritual, mental, or physical nourishment, i.E.

A teacher, minister, etc.; See “food”

To dream that you are a chef signifies that you have the skills to select your course in life. You have accepted previous lessons and are moving into the future in a successful manner.

To dream that you see a chef indicates that there will be alterations within your life. Consider the play on words, ‘what’s cooking’ in your own existence.

To dream of seeing (or being) a chef, this suggests that you have the ability and talents to select your path in life. You have learned enough from your past experiences to move forward in a productive manner.

Dreams of a chef symbolize mastery in your ability to nurture and feed souls. Perhaps you are blending together the ingredients of your personality with the chemistry of other people into a delicious creation. See Shaman and Integration Dreams.

Chef | Dream Interpretation

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