Chestnuts, Dream Interpretation

Domestic affliction.

Dreams of chestnuts are associated with Christmas, heat, emotional warmth and nurturing. Chestnuts are also a symbol of foresight and can be calling you to plan ahead.

To dream of handling chestnuts, foretells losses in a business way, but indicates an agreeable companion through life. Eating them, denotes sorrow for a time, but final happiness.

For a young woman to dream of eating or trying her fortune with them, she will have a well-to-do lover and comparative plenty.

Eating chestnuts, raw, boiled or roasted, is a dream of good fortune in love affairs.

An unmarried woman who has this dream will make a good marriage with a man who will be faithful and reasonably successful in business. Men who have this dream will have devoted wives.

Chestnuts | Dream Interpretation

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Dreaming of picking chestnuts off the ground: you have enough ingenuity to make your lover believe that life without you would be unthinkable. Looking at chestnuts: you will either win big or conclude a profitable business transaction. Eating chestnuts means you have a chance to be successful. Sitting under a chestnut tree: after a difficult period, life is finally fun again and you are happy.

Depth Psychology: Who is “pulling the chestnuts out of the fire” here? Will it be to your advantage or does it serve someone else? Are others helping you?... Dreamers Dictionary

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