Chocolate, Dream Interpretation

Being given chocolates by a friend or lover may signify being given comfort and love. Chocolate is also associated with sensual pleasure and emotional satisfaction. Chocolates may also be a sign of your addictive behaviors

To dream of chocolate may symbolize an affinity for or desire to eat sweets, Isa. 29:8

Pleasant words or deeds in a working situation

If the dream is positive - such as enjoying some chocolates with a friend or lover - then this is a symbol for happiness and contentment. If, however, you dream of a stomachache or toothache resulting from eating chocolate, you need to curb overindulgence in foods of any kind.

In the mayan culture chocolate was food fit for the gods. This puts it in the framework of food for the soul and the release of our best efforts.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Emotionally comforting, chocolate in a dream has a soothing effect.

If we are eating or being given chocolate we need such soothing.

If giving to someone else we are capable of soothing hurt and distress.

The quality of the chocolate may be important.

Material aspects: It is now well known that chocolate contains an essential amino acid called tryptophan which is essential to our wellbeing. Dreaming of chocolate may highlight a very real need for the beneficial effects of such a food.

Gives gender - specific: Often highlighted as a suitable gift for lovers, in a woman’s dream such a gift may signify an unrecognized potential in a relationship. In a man’s dream he may recognize in himself the need to care for and appreciate others.

As something considered to be the food of the gods and of the spirits, chocolate suggests sensuality and enjoyment and freedom from the mundane.

To dream of chocolate represents personal achievement and pride. It also suggests that you should possess more willpower and try to avoid succumbing to temptation.

Vision: Looking at chocolate: try to get your dependence on food under control. Receiving chocolate as a gift: you either have already or will gam a very reliable friend. Giving a gift of chocolate: you would like to have a certain someone as your friend.

Depth Psychology: Chocolate is a symbol of temptation, but it also stands for vitality and good health. Are you trying to bribe someone with chocolate? Is someone trying to bribe you?

Often appears when the dreamer is really hungry. Symbol for temptation.

Dreaming of chocolate could mean you feel unappreciated for a recent success. It can also signify the need for special treatment from an unattentive friend or loved one.

Dreams of chocolate symbolize a reward for good work and possibly a substitute or metaphor for love. Something sweet is coming your way. See Candy.

To dream of chocolate, denotes you will provide abundantly for those who are dependent on you.

To see chocolate candy, indicates agreeable companions and employments.

If sour, illness or other disappointments will follow.

To drink chocolate, foretells you will prosper after a short period of unfavorable reverses.

To drink chocolate in a dream is a sign of good health.

Eating sweet chocolate denotes that someone will do you a great favor. Eating chocolate candies portends comfort in old age.

Any dream that features chocolate in it is a simple omen that presages good health and contentment, coupled with a pampered lifestyle.

Chocolate | Dream Interpretation

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Encyclopedia of Dreams

Any dream that features chocolate in it is a simple omen that presages, not luxury, or impeccable taste, as one might expect, but, rather, Good health and contentment, coupled with a pampered lifestyle.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

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To dream about hot chocolate predicts good health and general contentment.... My Dream Interpretation
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