Cider, Dream Interpretation

Mature favor; see “apple” and “drink”

Vision: Dreaming about cider is a warning about out-of- control appetites that run your life. Making cider: like a predator, you want to live out your fantasies by luring others into bingeing—but punishment is swift and the penalty high.

Depth Psychology: Cider is a sign of urges and passions “fermenting” inside you—but remember: cheap pleasures are usually followed by rude awakenings. See Alcohol, Wine.

Gossip about your own private affairs. Act cautiously.

To dream of cider, denotes fortune may be won by you if your time is not squandered upon material pleasure.

To see people drinking it, you will be under the influence of unfaithful friends.

Cider | Dream Interpretation

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The Language of Dreams

(see Eating)

Making the best of a bad situation. Vinegar is actually wine or cider that has turned, but still gets effectively applied. What situation seems negative right now, and how can you mix things up so that they turn in your favor?

Placing objects into vinegar: Safeguarding or saving things for when they are most needed. Vinegar has a natural preservative quality that allows it to last for up to a year along with any herbs placed therein.

Drinking vinegar: Being a sourpuss, as if you’ve just swallowed vinegar along with your words (e.g., someone who is full of “piss and vinegar”).... The Language of Dreams

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