Cinderella, Dream Interpretation

Cinderella, the main character in the fairy tale of a waif turned princess, symbolizes the common psychological pattern of a woman who is waiting for her prince to come. She may not be able to see her value outside of a relationship, since the fantasy posits that attracting a man validates a woman’s worth.

The Cinderella story may also comment on a rivalry with other women.

Symbolic of feeling used or disrespected by others

Used as a substitute for someone of like character and circumstances

To dream about the story Cinderella - or being a character from the book or movie - suggests that you are taking on too many duties, and/or feeling overloaded with other people’s expectations. You may also need to clear away feelings of frustration and/or guilt in order to move on with your life.

Dreams of Cinderella are about victimhood, innocence, and that you have a spiritual strength, even when your circumstances look bleak. This dream may be giving you the message that true love exists for you and that Fairy Tales can come true. See Fairy Tail and Midnight.

Cinderella | Dream Interpretation

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Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a celebrity symbolize power, influence, glamour and strolling down the red carpet as your greatest, most celebrated self. Because every character in your dream is you, consider that the qualities of the celebrity and the role they play in your dream are revealing an aspect of yourself.

The following is a partial list of celebrities and the archetype they typically represent.

If the celebrity of your dream does not appear in this list, consider the qualities you ascribe to them. Celebrity Jennifer Aniston George Clooney Katie Couric Simon Cowell Clint Eastwood Terry Hatcher Paris Hilton J-LO Sarah Jessica Parker Dr. Phil Alan Rickman Archetype Girl Next Door/Best Friend Dream Man-Ideal Hunk Good Mother Critic Hero Desperate Housewife/Cinderella Heiress Sex Pot Single 30-Something Woman Father Figure Villain Julia Roberts Chris Rock Howard Stern Sharon Stone Donald Trump Renee Zellweger Robin Williams Oprah Winfrey Heroine Shock-Shadow Chauvinist Femme-Fatale Billionaire/ Businessman Victim Clown Humanitarian... Strangest Dream Explanations

Ariadne's Book of Dream

As the Queen of Hearts, Diana may appear as a humanitarian who brings the attributes of genuine compassion to her duties. She also represents a pnncess who is wounded and dethroned by ridicule and emotional abuse. In this way, she may appear in a dream to mention a woman’s tendency to buy into the Cinderella myth, which discredits her value and worth. Some dreamers have felt that they have had real visitations from Diana from the spiritual realms since her death in 1997. She has brought them her light, compassion, and grace.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Happiness, usually in domestic relationships.

2. A bad omen regarding reputation, possible issues over re­venge.

3. Female sexuality.

4. The limitations of time (as in “cinderella”). ... New American Dream Dictionary

The Language of Dreams

(see Barefoot, Clothes, Foot)

Old, torn shoes symbolize snares along the path, or long, hard roads traveled to obtain your heart’s desire. These can also reveal a tendency to always fall back on what’s comfortable and known to you, instead of taking risks.

Boots are protective, so this dream may portend some rough footing’ ahead for which you should prepare.

Wearing unusual shoes in a dream may indicate a need to see things differently. Try looking at this situation from another perspective (e.g., “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes”).

The kind of shoes seen in the dream can reveal how you walk through life.

For example, seeing baby shoes means that you’re very unsure of things, and compensate by moving slowly. Ballet shoes can disclose a person who either tiptoes through difficult situations, or someone who has unique grace and mobility.

Trying on shoes represents testing various options until you find the perfect one (e.g., “if the shoe fits, wear it”).

Yearing new shoes symbolizes change and transitions with which you may not be totally comfortable yet.

In Egypt and Greece, shoes were part of fertility rights, which is how they became part of marriage rituals today. So, the throwing of a shoe or seeing numerous shoes following behind you in a dream represents productivity or abundance.

Small shoes symbolize virginity, or being naive about worldly matters, as in the storv of Cinderella.... The Language of Dreams

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of slippers denote warmth, nurturing, and support. Because you wear slippers at home or before retiring to sleep, slippers symbolize that you feel grounded, comfortable and at home with yourself. See Slip, Feet or Cinderella.... Strangest Dream Explanations
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