Cinnamon, Dream Interpretation

Symbolic of a holy anointing, something pleasing and set apart for God, Ex. 30:23-25

See “spice”

This pleasant spice in a dream, used appropriately, foretells increased social activity in your life. However, if it was used in a weird or inappropriate way in the dream, it predicts disappointment in the character of a friend.

(see Herbs)

Prosperity, or something for which you would pay highly. In ancient Rome, this was one of the most highly valued imports.

The expanding of human consciousness to more universal horizons. Cinnamon was one of the spices that helped spur world exploration in humankind’s early history.

Cleansing and purification. Cinnamon has natural astringent properties.

Cinnamon | Dream Interpretation

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My Dream Interpretation

Eating a cinnamon bun in your dream indicates satisfaction and enjoyment in life. This dream predicts that you will experience an exciting increase in social opportunities.... My Dream Interpretation
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