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Symbolic of something hidden or mysterious, Judg. 3:16

See “cape”

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See clothes

In a dream, a cloak represents marriage or a child bearing wife.

If the outside of it is made of cotton, it represents one’s good spiritual standing. Acloak in the dream usually represents longevity, prosperity for the one wearing it and protection against a cold winter, that is poverty or the heat of summer, or heaviness in one’s life caused by his wife, his spiritual life, his religious attendance, or it could mean a sickness, imprisonment, distress caused by a woman or the stress of war.

If a wife sees herself wearing a cloak with the lining made of dark sable fur in a dream, it means that she will have a lover of an iniquitous character. (Also see Coat)

To see a cloak in your dream, or dream that you are wearing a cloak, suggests that you are trying to shield yourself from being emotionally hurt. It may also mean that you are trying to cover-up or hide something.

see Clothes

A dream denoting concealment of poverty, etc. (Gypsy) ; a Christian symbol of the “charity which covereth a multitude of sins.”

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Little Giant Encyclopedia

Searching for warmth or a place to hide.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Dreams

To dream of a cloak, not a cape, pulled closely around you to keep out the weather, denotes that you will have protecting influences surrounding you for the next few days.

If you dream you have torn the garment this shows a rift in a relationship with a person who is important to you.

If you lose the cloak, then you will have a falling out with the one who loves and protects you.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Any type of coat can suggest warmth and love, but also protection. This protection can be either physical or emotional, and particularly in the case of a cloak, can be the spiritual protection of faith.

A sheepskin coat may emphasize this significance fear of losing the coat can suggest the fear of losing faith and belief.

If the coat is too short or not thick enough it shows we may be fearful that our love, or the protection we have, is not adequate for our needs. Also consult the entry for sheep in animals.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Mystic Dream Book

Be warned of treachery on the part of someone whom you trust. ... Mystic Dream Book
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