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Vision: Seeing a cloister: you are emotionally confused. Don’t talk to others about it. Only solitude and silence will bring answers and relief. See Hermit, Monk, Nun.

Depth Psychology: A cloister stands for your idea of the “meaning of life.” It is also a symbol of your faith, your trust in God, or your spiritual strength. See Church. Maybe you would like to pull back in order to renew your strength.

On one hand, a place of silence, meditation, and security, similar to Abbey, Chapel, Cathedral, and Church. On the other hand, the desire to get away from the world, fear of life.

The cloister is also a symbol of sanctuary in times of trouble. This might be a suggestion to learn to deal with discipline—either to exercise more or to be more gentle.

To dream of a cloister, omens dissatisfaction with present surroundings, and you will soon seek new environments.

For a young woman to dream of a cloister, foretells that her life will be made unselfish by the chastening of sorrow.

Cloister | Dream Interpretation

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Little Giant Encyclopedia

See Cloister. Even though the abbey or cloister has no real meaning in today’s world, in a dream it points to the fact that the person is looking for something.

The Latin word monasterium points to “mon aster”—your own star, your own self (that Jung compares to God). Peace, spiritualization, meditation, and quietness lead you to self, but so does discipline. You have discovered your path and must follow it.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Discipline, self-restraint and self-determination; but also losing oneself. See Abbey, Cloister, Hermit.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Having frequent dreams about a monk might be a sign that someone will help you deal with the troubles in your life. From a spiritual point of view, a monk might represent your inner guide.

If a man dreams about a monk: don’t take sexual energies quite so seriously; use them instead to mobilize your intellectual power.

Depth Psychology: Worldly matters no longer interest you; you are striving for wisdom and faith or are in search of a spiritual guide. See Cloister, Gum, Nun.... Dreamers Dictionary

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