Cobweb, Dream Interpretation

The evidence of timely entrapment, and a warning to beware; see “spider”

It will depend on the state of the cobweb as to the spiritual interpretation.

A spider’s web can suggest the symbol of the eight pointed star, the mandala – an aid to meditation – and hence the buddhist eightfold path to spiritual enlightenment.

A dirty cobweb, however, denotes that spirituality is contaminated in some fashion.

Psychological / emotional perspective: The cobweb, because it is easily damaged, signifies indecision, perhaps an idea that has not quite crystallized yet.

Material aspects: On a purely practical level the cobweb symbolizes unused talents and potential which has been allowed to go stale.

A sign of laziness, unless there is also a spider present. See also Spider.

To brush one away means a triumph for you over an enemy.

If there is no spider in the web, it indicates calm days and happy times ahead.

If you see a web being spun, you’re in soon for some criticism.

Cobweb | Dream Interpretation

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Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of cobwebs symbolize that you are discovering a part of your power and wisdom that has been long forgotten, neglected, or discarded. This dream can also represent seduction and your ability to lure people to. See Shadow, Spider and Web.... Strangest Dream Explanations
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