Collage, Dream Interpretation

Symbolic of higher learning, Acts 19:9

If you dreamed about a collage, try to remember the pieces that made up the collage and consider their colors and materials. Look up those symbols for clues to your dream’s deeper meaning. Overall, dreaming of a collage suggests that you are still trying to figure out what kind of person to be. You are sorting through different sides of yourself, trying on attitudes and feelings, to see who you’ll become as an adult. This dream can also suggest that you’re trying to figure out or make sense of a puzzling situation or person from your waking life.

Dreams of a collage, like a quilt, symbolize a collection of memories, visions, dreams and aspirations. Your creative dreams are coming together piece by piece. See Mosaic and Quilt.

Collage | Dream Interpretation

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Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of collagen injections symbolize restoration, a desire for eternal youth and a willingness to endure pain for beauty. Perhaps you are struggling with the aging process ore you are in the process of discovering that your true value and beauty increases with age and wisdom.... Strangest Dream Explanations

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Photography, but with the main emphasis on creative aspects. Here, it is a question of putting the puzzle of your own life together. It is important what is being assembled, and in what way.... Little Giant Encyclopedia
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