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A collar is a direct symbol of ownership and fellowship.

A collar may be a symbol of identification with an organization.

A priest’s collar may be an indication of a pompous individual.

Whatever “yokes” or guides a person; research details, i.E. Color, material, etc.; See “yoke”

(See Collarband)

Order, good grooming, advancement.

To dream about a collar symbolizes confinement and restraint. You may be going through a frustrating work situation or a confining relationship.

It is a good sign for a lover to dream that he is putting on a new Collar, whereas a soiled Collar shows fickleness on the part of the loved one.

If you dream that you are wearing a tight collar you mistrust and fear someone more powerful than you.

Dreams of a collar symbolize power, control, passive/aggressive behavior, and a desire to take the lead.

If you are wearing the collar, then you are submitting to someone’s will.

If you are leading someone else, then you are taking the lead and asserting dominance over someone.

To dream of wearing a collar, you will have high honors thrust upon you that you will hardly be worthy of.

For a woman to dream of collars, she will have many admirers, but no sincere ones, She will be likely to remain single for a long while.

Collar | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Collar; Neckband; Neckwear) In a dream, a collarband represents the pleasure and pride of a mother or a wife to see her sons or daughter having a jewelry business.

If an unmarried woman sees herself in a dream wearing a neckband, a necklace or a collarband made from pearls, peridot or chrysolite, it means that she will marry a noble and a high ranking man, beget children from him and find her ultimate pleasure and love in such a marriage.

If the collarband is made from alum, then it means marrying a young eastern man.

If the collarband is made from beads in the dream, it means that her husband is a mean and a contemptible person. Ifa man sees himselfwearing a collarband in a dream, it means suffocation, distress or a quarrel. (Also see Neckband; Necklace)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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