Committee, Dream Interpretation

A committee is a group of people brought together for a specific purpose. Dreams often produce such an image when our commitment is required for a particular spiritual task.

Psychological / emotional perspective: When a consensus of opinion or a concerted effort needs to be made we will often dream of a committee in order to highlight the issue.

Material aspects: In working life, a committee in dreams signifies a shared responsibility. Discussion and good management rather than personal concerns will carry the day.

Dreams of a committee symbolize an integration of all your sub-personalities. You are bringing together all aspects of you into agreement, realizing that you can move mountains when you are aligned.

To dream of a committee, foretells that you will be surprised into doing some distasteful work.

For one to wait on you, foretells some unfruitful labor will be assigned you.

If in your dream you are appointed to f> committee, you are likely to be ¿ie victim of a base accusation.

Committee | Dream Interpretation

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committee, dream interpretation

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