Commute, Dream Interpretation

Since commuting implies changing – perhaps moving from personal concerns to work-orientated matters – the significance is shifting from a relaxed to a more focused state.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Just as our mindset must change as we travel to and from work from personal to work concerns, substituting one way of thinking for another, in essence changing perspective, can lead to radical changes in lifestyle.

Material aspects: In modern-day life commuting has turned into a time of transition, a way of covering distance and a time for planning. Dreaming of such an occurrence can highlight any of these activities.

For further clarity see journey and transport.

Commute | Dream Interpretation

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The Bedside Dream Dictionary

There are many meanings that you could give to this symbol.

The details in the dream are just as important as the bridge itself.

The first consideration should be given to how much you travel.

The bridge can be interpreted literally if it is a part of your daily commute. On a more theoretical level, bridges can symbolize transitions (e.g. transition from one stage to another, from one level of consciousness to another). Since most bridges are over water (i.e. emotions, unconscious), this dream could also be symbolic of your rising above your emotional difficulties or unconscious drives.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

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