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Anything confessed in a dream is literal and should be taken seriously

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Symbol: A confession is cleansing and purifying. Vision: Being the person taking a confession: you will soon take part in a creative or charitable venture. You are confessing: you are admitting mistakes and forgive yourself for them. Somebody else is confessing: examine your behavior and correct it quickly.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about confession means that you have acknowledged your mistakes; it is also a sign that you have been forgiven.

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Benefiting from communication and honesty. Needing to free yourself from guilt and / or from morals that are too rigid. This symbol is similar to Punishment.

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To dream that you or someone else is confessing, often represents feelings of guilt. This dream can also be about healing and welcoming new changes in your life.

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Guard the confidences given to you by others, as you will shortly be strongly tempted to reveal a secret.

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Dreams of a confession symbolize the exposure of secrets, and the release of shame, guilt or blame. Perhaps your dream is suggesting that you make amends for your misdeeds, forgive yourself, and practice discernment with whom you share your secrets. See Mistake.

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Dream Meanings of Versatile

Confession is a recognition of those aspects of our lives which are not within a particular code of conduct, whether spiritual or otherwise.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Psychological / emotional perspective: To be confessing to someone else signifies that we have not been acting with integrity.

To have someone make a confession suggests that we are judging a particular behaviour – our own or people around us.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Material aspects: We feel that we are carrying a responsibility which we need to share with someone else more competent.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Gives gender - specific: When the other person is known in dreams or of the opposite gender both men and women will need to monitor their own integrity. This is an aspect of the animus or anima and suggests that the physical being is not in alignment with the spiritual self.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

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