Connection, Dream Interpretation

Vision: Forming an intimate relationship: meeting a new friend.

A wrong phone connection: you are being played for a fool, or the person you tried to call wants nothing to do with you. See Telephone.

Depth Psychology: The motto: *two heads are better than one” is an apt description here. But the dream means to reconcile and correct your different character traits. Sometimes the dream might be a warning against false friends—if the connection was ubad.w

Dreams of a connection symbolize that you are in resonance with your purpose for being alive, your soul mate, or your higher power. You know that things are beginning to come together for you and that what used to seem fragmented is now coming into alignment.

Connection | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Social acquaintance) To have important connections in a dream means compelling one’s enemy to retreat or to accept one’s conditions.

To have important relationships in a dream also cools the divine wrath, as when giving charity in secret. This is true unless one’s connections or circle holds to a group of evil companions, or if he mingles with a band of conspirators.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Connections)... Islamic Dream Interpretation
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