Container, Dream Interpretation

(See Bag; Pouch; Sack; Suitcase; Trunk)

Bottle, Box, Vase. These containers symbolize the body of the woman and female sexuality, at least in men’s dreams.

The male body and male sexuality is seldom, if ever, represented by a vase.

If a container symbolizes male sexuality, it appears in the shape of a barrel or bottle.

For men and woman alike, though, a vase may represent the innermost part of the person in the sense of the unconscious. But here the image usually appears in the form of a box (Pandora’s Box) or a treasure chest.

What is inside the container is important (the spirit in the Bottle—the genie). Ever since Sigmund Freud, containers have been seen as referring to sexuality; if the container is empty, impotence. Pouring liquid from a container or removing a cork from a bottle is, according to classical psychoanalysis, usually a symbol for intercourse.

Dreams of a container symbolize that you are being nurtured, held, and protected.

If the container is empty, then you are dealing with issues of lack or loss.

If the container is full, then you are feeling abundant and complete. Consider the contents for more insight into the significance of this dream. Also, a container can be a nurturing space that holds you while you develop to a certain level. But, just as the butterfly must break free from the cocoon, if you stay too long within your container, your growth will be thwarted.

Container | Dream Interpretation

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