Convicts, Dream Interpretation

To dream of seeing convicts, denotes disasters and sad news.

To dream that you are a convict, indicates that you will worry over some affair; but you will clear up all mistakes.

For a young woman to dream of seeing her lover in the garb of a convict, indicates she will have cause to question the character of his love.

Young women who dream of their lovers wearing convicts’ uniforms may expect a disagreeable revelation.

To see a group of convicts marching, or a chaingang at work, is a portent of misfortune.

Convicts | Dream Interpretation

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Psycho Dream Interpretation

To dream of a convent means a desire to get away from convicts and troubles that involve responsibility.

For a young girl there is an indication of disillusionment and despair that turn her subconscious to the highest form of love and Devotion.... Psycho Dream Interpretation

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