Corkscrew, Dream Interpretation

You have a very inquisitive friend who could cause you harm.

It is a sign of illness to use a Corkscrew in your dream.

1. Something that is useful in life but its usefulness is not immediately apparent.

2. One is being deceptive about something.

Dreams of a corkscrew symbolize that you are unraveling feelings that have been bottled up for a long time.

To dream of seeing a corkscrew, indicates an unsatisfied mind, and the dreamer should heed this as a warning to curb his desires, for it is likely they are on dangerous grounds.

To dream of breaking a corkscrew while using it, indicates to the dreamer perilous surroundings, and he should use force of will to abandon unhealthful inclinations.

Using a corkscrew in a dream predicts that you will be cheated in a business deal.

A dream signifying an inquisitive friend (Gypsy) ; a bit of homely metaphor that needs no comment.

Corkscrew | Dream Interpretation

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Little Giant Encyclopedia

Taking out a cork means intercourse or ejaculation.

The corkscrew is usually a phallic symbol.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To make pasta in a dream is to form an opinion about a situation.

To eat pasta in a dream represents the acceptance of this position.

To make or eat pasta which is corkscrew shaped indicates that you may have some confusion over your opinion.

To eat pasta in a dream may also represent a yearning for travel to Italy, or memories of home.

To see pasta which is elbow shaped in a dream in particular may refer to childhood memories of macaroni and cheese.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

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