Corral, Dream Interpretation

If you dream about an corral, you would be wise to reject any new job or business venture offered at this time. It will have some hidden snags. Also see “Rodeo.”

Dreams of a corral symbolize your power circle, personal responsibility and integrity. This dream is giving you the message to rein in your energy and focus on what needs to be done. See Horse and Ranch.

Corral | Dream Interpretation

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Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a cowboy/cowgirl symbolize that you are connecting with a rough, rugged, grounded, natural aspects of yourself. Perhaps you are learning to rope in your wild desires and corral them into manifestation. See Country.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a ranch denote your life and the upkeep required to have all parts of your life operating in balance. This dream also reflects that you are in sync with your animal nature, your connection to the seasons and cycles of life, and your most natural, authentic self. See Corral.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a stable signify self responsibility and are a sign for you to stabilize you animal instincts, harness your power, and rope in your energy. See Corral and Integration Dreams.... Strangest Dream Explanations

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Desire to change to a simpler time in one’s life (when oxen were used).

2. Able to corral great power.

3. If wearing a yoke, one feels trapped, frustrated.

4. One feels enslaved, perhaps in a romantic relationship. ... New American Dream Dictionary

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