Cottage, Dream Interpretation

See “cabin”

A dream of being at a cottage suggests that you don’t require material things to be happy. You also may need to relax and not push yourself so hard.

If the cottage in your dream is very luxurious, this is lucky and means fortune will be kind to you. if the cottage is quite old or run down, you could have trouble succeeding in a current project.

It is a fortunate sign to find yourself living in a Cottage, unless you are discontented and endeavour to get away.

Dreaming of living quietly in a cottage is the prelude to lasting contentment.

Cottage | Dream Interpretation

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Gypsy Dream Dictionary

To dream of a cottage or house means that you will live a sedate life; quite happy but with no great excitement in it.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Eating cottage cheese in a dream means good and dear money one enjoys beside other pleasures. (Also see Cheese)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing or eating cottage cheese: a matter that is aggravating you may turn to your advantage. Depth Psychology: See Cream, Milk.... Dreamers Dictionary
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