Coxcomb, Dream Interpretation

To dream of a coxcomb, denotes a low state of mind.

The dreamer should endeavor to elevate his mind to nobler thoughts.

Coxcomb | Dream Interpretation

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The Fabric of Dream

To see one spreading its tail denotes wealth and a handsome wife; for a woman this is a dream forecasting the promotion of her husband to popular favor.

To a young woman it symbolizes vanity and the attempted seduction by a coxcomb (Gypsy). The early Christians held it as the symbol of immortality. It was also the bird of Juno, who cursed whosoever should pluck its feathers; their children should never be well, nor should men come for their daughters ; hence the superstition attached to these feathers.

The modern symbol of pomp and vanity.... The Fabric of Dream

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