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Represents a christian influence, because it has no leaven, a symbol of sin; see “baking powder”

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

One who has an excellent personality and character... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

My Dream Interpretation

To see or eat a cracker in your dream, suggests that you tend to care for the needs of others before (or instead of) your own. In some cases, this dream may also suggest that you are trying to get someone to reveal certain information or secrets.... My Dream Interpretation

New American Dream Dictionary

Use caution with anger; relieve anger constructively. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Eating nuts means good fortune and recognition. Cracking nuts but not eating them means hard work but slow success.

If cracking nuts is difficult: you will need every ounce of strength to reach your goal. Looking at nuts: a noble character is hidden behind a rough exterior. Eating a bitter nut: bad luck, but you don’t need to take the coming events too seriously! Cracking an empty nut shell: someone is going to disappoint you very deeply. See Almonds.

Depth Psychology: A nut may be a reference to your character or the truth about a certain matter. Sometimes it also indicates stupidity, your own or that of others. It may be a symbol for a difficult task—wa tough nut to crack”—or one that can’t be accomplished without assistance.... Dreamers Dictionary

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Family troubles, arguments are in the offing.

2. A happy omen regarding intimate affairs.

3. Wordplay regarding someone who is overbearing. ... New American Dream Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

To dream about a nutracker means you are trying to get to the core of a matter or situation.

A dream about cracking open nuts can be a good omen, foretelling luck with money.... My Dream Interpretation

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Eating out of a box of Ritz crackers may represent your desire for wealth and “the good life.” Crackers may also constructively point out that you are obsessed, as in going “crackers” over thoughts of wealth.... Ariadne's Book of Dream
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