Crash, Dream Interpretation

A clash of personalities; see “accidental crash”

Crashing actually suggests breaking up and signifies, therefore, a difficulty in remaining whole or complete in a spiritual sense.

Psychological / emotional perspective: A crash as in a collision suggests a traumatic occurrence, perhaps by not paying attention to detail. Crashing out would suggest losing a hold on reality.

Material aspects: A computer crashing in dreams signifies a loss of information or power.

To hear a crash is to be alerted to an imminent problem.

Vision: Seeing a crash or crashing yourself: unexpected challenges interfere with your plans and the desire to get ahead.

Depth Psychology: Difficulties or sudden hurdles are thrown in your path. See Cliff, Falling, Recipe.

To dream of a crash, such as in the stock market, you can expect to see your investments take hold and grow.

If you hear a loud crash, such as the percussion sound of a drum or cymbals, that is a warning to calm your environment down in order to control your nerves.

For cars crashing, see wreck.

Dreams about being in a car or motorcycle crash mean your beliefs or lifestyle are clashing with someone else’s. It may also represent a recent shocking situation you were involved with. Dreams about airplane crashes mean you have set unrealistic goals for yourself.

If you dream of a crash this symbolizes that you’ve have been falling asleep at the wheel of life and have been cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

If you dream of a car crash, see Collision, Accident and Breakdown/ Breakthrough Dreams.

Any kind of crash symbolizes a big achievement in your life.

The bigger the crash, the greater the achievement.

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Not necessarily physical, i.E.

A clash of opinions can be mentally devastating... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

Feeling helpless in the face of major tragedy. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Illusions and unhealthy attitudes need to be discarded.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Dreams

To dream of being in this event is a feeling of not only a dramatic negative change in your life, but also to everyone around you as well as your envorment.

A very negative symbol and should be meditated upon.

To dream of witnessing this event is symbolic of feelings of helplessness in the face of a great tragedy. In prohetic dreams this heralds a great change in the distant future (planes are associated with great distance). This change may not be negative.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

My Dream Interpretation

Dreams about being in a car crash mean your beliefs or lifestyle are clashing with someone else’s. It may also represent a recent shocking situation you were involved with.... My Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Helmet)... Islamic Dream Interpretation
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