Crate, Dream Interpretation

Vision: If you are looking at or owning a crate: you might become wealthy. Looking at an empty crate means the opposite: poverty and worries are knocking on your door. See Box.

To dream about a crate suggests that you are trying to preserve and protect some aspect of yourself.

The crate may also symbolize your limitations and restrictions.

If you opened the crate, things are being revealed about yourself that were once hidden. Consider your feelings in the dream.

If you were filled with fear as you opened the crate (or if there was something scary inside of it), you might be nervous about people knowing/liking the “real you”.

Crate | Dream Interpretation

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Vision: Looking at a closed box: others are keeping secrets. Does the box have a lock and is there a key in the lock? If so: you are bent on finding out about other people’s secrets. Looking at a box: you are either getting a present or will have a pleasant experience.

An empty box is a warning: you are going to lose something or somebody is stealing from you.

Depth Psychology: A box is the hiding place for our secrets and experiences (as well as memories). Why don’t you open the box and see what you find? See Box (Small), Suitcase.... Dreamers Dictionary

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Dreamers Dictionary

Depth Psychology: A hot, active crater is a warning about too much passion and cravings that are about to erupt.

An extinct crater means you have largely overcome old, painful memories. See Volcano.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of a crater represents different characteristics and attributes of your personality that are gradually becoming known. This dream may also be indicative of thoughts, feelings, and occurrences from your youth or childhood.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a crater represent an old wound or emotional scar. See Canyon.... Strangest Dream Explanations

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Warning one of a literal act; if the object of desecration is figurative, research it... Dream Dictionary Unlimited
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