Crickets, Dream Interpretation

To dream of crickets symbolizes self-discovery and reflection. You are looking for advice and direction.

To hear crickets in your dream indicates that small issues are causing you distress and frustration.

To have a cricket invade your home foretells that you will soon be experiencing poverty, if you kill the cricket, your poverty will be short lived.

To hear a cricket foretells some very sad news concerning the death of a distant friend.

To see crickets in your dream, suggests that you are seeking guidance. Remember to look within yourself for the answer, as well as asking others.

To hear crickets in your dream, suggests that you are letting minor things bother you.

Crickets | Dream Interpretation

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My Dream Interpretation

A dream about insects suggests the dreamer must confront unpleasant feelings, or possibly an unpleasant person, in real life before a situation will be resolved. Also see “Beetle”, “Cockroach”, “Crickets” and “Ladybug.”... My Dream Interpretation
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