Cripple, Dream Interpretation

Emotional hurts; pans of us injured by trauma or twisted by such withheld feelings as anger or jealousy.

One who is in need of help who may not appear cripple

Vision: Seeing or being a cripple: you have a lot of work to do on yourself before you will be “healthy” (emotionally and morally). However, the dream also indicates that help is on the way! Taking care of a cripple: you are caring for and feeling bad about an unhappy person. See Invalid.

Depth Psychology: The cripple represents the compassion you have for other people. It also is an indication of how much you depend on other people, or that you are in need of help.

Emotional or mental handicap. In this dream an important part of the shadow is expressed: your own weakness and neediness, for example. This dream symbol often appears when you are feeling overly important and are tending toward arrogance. Often it is a challenge to become more responsible, compassionate, and helpful. In addition, the image of the cripple is also related to Beggar, which may point either to becoming more humble or to greed and a hunger for possessions. See Illness, Crutch.

Folklore: Warning of being unfriendly.

A warning to be kind to those around you

1. One does not feel adequate to deal with a particular problem.

2. One feels that someone else is not capable of per­forming a certain task.

Dreams of being crippled or seeing someone who is crippled represents injured emotions, and that you are relating to yourself as your wounds, as opposed to relating to yourself as a whole and complete being. Perhaps you are suppressing your -expression and feeling a sense of diminished -worth. Consider the area of the body that you dreamed was crippled. See Body.

It is a sign that you will meet an interesting

person of another race if you dream of helping a cripple in any way.

To dream of a cripple denotes unexpected help or success (Gypsy) ; an interpretation doubtless founded upon the old superstition of the luck attendant upon meeting a cripple or a hunchback.

Cripple | Dream Interpretation

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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of the maimed and crippled, denotes famine and distress among the poor, and you should be willing to contribute to their store. It also indicates a temporary dulness in trade. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

If your dream featured a handicapped person or persons, you can expect an appeal for help from a relative or friend. You would be well advised to give the assistance, as it will eventually turn out to be “good karma” for you (as you sow, so shall you reap).

If the dream involved being crippled yourself, you are confronted with many challenges and need to utilize your full potential.

The good news is, you can rely on getting whatever help you may be needing.... My Dream Interpretation

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