Crocodile, Dream Interpretation

Symbolic of something harmful, an old, lurking, spiritual enemy

See “alligator”

also see Reptiles in Dream Dictionary: Animals Dreaming of a crocodile can imply there is something from our past that we need to be aware of. It can also infer we are in danger from a source that we perhaps do not necessarily perceive as being harmful.

Liberation from the limitations of the world is symbolized by the crocodile. Though we are consumed by our fear of death, or perhaps the death process. We must work through this fear in order to come to terms with physical death. Understanding brings liberation.

Psychological / emotional perspective: To see a crocodile in dreams forewarns of hidden danger. We should beware of poor decision-making.

Material aspects: To dream of crocodiles, or indeed any reptile, indicates we are looking at the frightening lower aspects of our nature. We may feel we have no control over these, and it would therefore be very easy to be devoured by them.

Gives gender - specific: In the egyptian story of isis and osiris the crocodile god is said to have swallowed osiris’ manhood. In a man’s dream, therefore, the crocodile can symbolize emasculation. In a woman’s dream it is more likely to represent an aspect of negative masculinity.

Symbol: The crocodile is a symbol of gluttony, deceit, and chaos.

Vision: Looking at a crocodile is a warning about evil-minded people around you. Getting bitten by a crocodile: a dangerous situation is developing. Killing a crocodile: you are able to defeat a powerful enemy—usually your own negative energies.

Depth Psychology: The crocodile represents dark, stifling energies or negative attitudes. Fears, greed, or passion could literally “swallow you up.” However, with this dream your unconscious is saying that you can withstand these urges. Crying during the dream means you are crying “crocodile tears.” See Dragon.

Just to see a crocodile in your dream doing nothing much but lazing around is a warning that someone is trying to adversely influence you about a matter closely related to your happiness or your income.

If the Crocodile chases you it means success magnified in your affairs.

If he catches and bites you then you are slated for disappointments in love and business but if you see the crocodile dead then your success’ will be many, and beyond your wildest hopes.

(Alligator; Thief) A crocodile in a dream represents a policeman.

A crocodile in the water in a dream represents a person no one can trust, whether he is a friend or a foe.

A crocodile in a dream also represents a thief or an untruthful merchant.

If one sees a crocodile pulling him into the water where he kills him in the dream, it means that one will be caught by a policeman who will kill him, then steal his property.

If one escapes from the crocodile in the dream, it means that he will escape from such a danger in real life. In general, a crocodile in a dream means insolence, sins, a bandit, unlawful earnings, fear and depression. It may also mean the end of one’s life, portrayed by his drowning. Seeing him in water is bad while seeing him on dry land means that he is weak and humiliated.

If a crocodile pulls someone into the waters in a dream, it means that someone in authority will force him to do something he despises. Ifone sees himselfeating the meat or flesh of a crocodile, or if one sees himself dragging a crocodile out of the water in a dream, it means that he will triumph against his enemy or opponent. (Also see Alligator; Policeman; Thief)

it symbolises a thief who is crafty, sly and deceitful. Neither does his enemies nor his friends feel safe with him around.

Do you want to swallow up somebody? Or are you biting off more than you can chew? See Dragon, Dinosaur.

A dream of a crocodile is a strong warning. It foretells that you will be deceived by your warmest friends.

Another warning of troubles ahead.

1. Danger lurks.

2. False emotion (“crocodile tears”).

Dreams of a crocodile symbolize anger that could eat a person alive, and an unintegrated shadow aspect of you is sneaking up on you from the murky swamp of your unconscious. This dream is giving you the message to begin releasing your anger in a healthy way. This dream could symbolize that you have been harboring suppressed anger at an authority figure.

also see Reptiles in Animals

1- To dream of crocodiles, or indeed any reptile, indicates we are looking at the frightening lower aspects of our nature. We may feel we have no control over these, and it would therefore be very easy to be devoured by them.

2- We are consumed bv our fear of death, or the death process. We must, however, go through this process in order to overcome death in order to be resurrected.

3- Liberation from the limitations of the world is symbolised by the crocodile.

As sure as you dream of this creature, you will be deceived by your warmest friends. Enemies will assail you at every turn.

To dream of stepping on a crocodile’s back, you may expect to fall into trouble, from which you will have to struggle mightily to extricate yourself. Heed this warning when dreams of this nature visit you. Avoid giving your confidence even to friends.

See Alligator.

(see Animals)

Vicious, snapping words spoken in haste; treachery or hypocrisy without thought to the consequences.

Falsehood, insincerity, and deception (as in crying “crocodile tears”).

As the guardian of the gate to the underworld, the crocodile also represents an obstacle to the threshold of the subconscious.

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