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See Criminal and Burglar.

Crook | Dream Interpretation

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Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- When a line appears in a dream as crooked, there is usually the need to register the oddity, as being out of balance or off-kilter. There may be some insinceritv in our dealings with others.

The line may be any sort of line, such as a queue of people, a line of cars or whatever.

2- We must acknowledge our own ability to be diverted from truth and honesty.

3- Deviance from the norm in a spiritual sense can be a falling away of the standards we have set ourselves.

If we are aware of this on a spiritual level, a crooked line will often appear in a dream.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Dream Meanings and Dream Interpretation

To dream of a crooked line (e.g. drawing, line of people) symbolises the likelihood that we might not be being completely honest in our dealings during waking life.... Dream Meanings and Dream Interpretation

Christian Dream Symbols

A symbol of perverse or wicked speech, Prov. 8:8... Christian Dream Symbols
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