Cruise, Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are on a cruise symbolizes some emotional ride that you are currently experiencing.

The dream may also signify optimism in your situation, particularly in ‘cruising’ through life where things fall into the right place as the moment calls for it. This suggests a life with ease.

If you dream of being on a cruise, you will have an increase in social status or money.

The exception is if the cruise ship encounters storms or big waves - that means you are having trouble reaching your goals.

If you dream of getting lost on a cruise ship, you are not sure about the direction your life is taking.

Dreams of a cruise symbolize that leisure time is in store for you, an opportunity to coast for a while. Your dream is giving you the message to relax, eat, drink and be merry. You’ve left the shores of your normal, grounded life and it is time to set sail into uncharted waters. However, if you continue to procrastinate and always take the easy way out, you may be cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

Cruise | Dream Interpretation

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Christian Dream Symbols

To dream of being aboard a cruise liner is symbolic of an easy position in life.

If the ship is sinking it symbolizes disaster or troubles in life... Christian Dream Symbols

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Cruising leisurely through the sea of life; see “boat”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Good looking, confident, and sometimes defiant, this superstar may appear in a dream as the Top Gun hero or as the leader of Mission: Impossible to reflect the confidence of the male will. Like Apollo, Tom embodies the ideal image of a real man, too beautiful for words, using his good looks and intellect to get him to the top. He may fulfill a woman’s desires as a romantic partner in a dream. As the character Jerry Maguire, he may offer you a look at the desire for success in life, perhaps delivenng the message that it all comes together through love.... Ariadne's Book of Dream
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