Crutches, Dream Interpretation

To dream of being on crutches means that you will depend largely on others for your support and advancement.

To see others on crutches represents disappointing results from work.

This is an obstacle dream—if you recover and are able to walk without the aid of the Crutches, all will go well.

If not, expect trouble.

To dream that you go on crutches, denotes that you will depend largely on others for your support and advancement.

To see others on crutches, denotes unsatisfactory results from labors.

An unfavorable dream auguring illness (Artemidorus) ; obviously this dream is inspired by sensory stimuli.

Crutches | Dream Interpretation

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Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- When we dream of crutches we are experiencing the need for support, although it may also be that we need to support others. We may find others inadequate and need to readjust our thinking.

2- We may disapprove of other people’s shortcomings or weakness.

3- In developing spiritually we become aware of our various dependencies, whether these are alcohol, drugs, patterns of behaviour or people.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Looking at a crutch: you are about to have an accident, or you can expect help in an unfortunate personal matter. Throwing crutches away: you are now strong enough to deal with a difficult situation on your own. Walking on crutches: loss or delays in personal or business affairs. See Limping.

Depth Psychology: A crutch is a sign of your insecurities. You need and are in search of help. Are you using “crutches” in order to reach a goal?... Dreamers Dictionary

Dream Meanings and Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of crutches is a sign that one is in need of support.... Dream Meanings and Dream Interpretation

Dreamers Dictionary

Symbol: Legs are a symbol of a steadfast person and of the “road of life.’’ It is important whether you are dreaming about the Right or the Left leg.

Vision: Running on healthy legs means success in life. Swollen legs are a sign of difficulties and stagnation. Breaking a leg: be prepared for financial losses or being reprimanded at the job.

A leg being amputated means inhibition and frustration in a present situation; either you are “stuck” or asked to wait and be patient. Dreaming about running: you are very ambitious, in a hurry to reach your goal, or running away from something!

Depth Psychology: Legs symbolize everything that has to do with the road and your life’s journey. Are you well grounded? Will your legs carry you the distance? Do you need “crutches”? Are you limping? Are you insured? Looking at a woman’s legs expresses sexual needs; hairy legs are a sign of masculinity or unexpected surprises. Unshapely or thin legs: completing a project is going to be difficult. See Foot.... Dreamers Dictionary

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