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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of crying, is a forerunner of illusory pleasures, which will subside into gloom, and distressing influences affecting for evil business engagements and domestic affairs.

To see others crying, forbodes unexpected calls for aid from you.... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Lamenting or crying in a dream means distress, sorrow and stress. Ifsuch lamenting or crying is done out of fearing God Almighty, it means that salvation and joy will follow. (Also see Laughing)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Christian Dream Symbols

Needing help, grieving, Prov. 21:13... Christian Dream Symbols

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Release from pain, letting go. See Water, Tears. Crying, according to Freud, meant ejaculation.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

See Tears.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

The Language of Dreams

Dreaming of crying or moaning is usually a straightforward release of some type of pain, regret, guilt, or sadness.

If it is the cry of an animal, the emotions are likely tied to whatever that creature represents.

The cry of a child can represent your own inner child trying to get attention (see Baby). Alternatively, for new parents this is a circumstantial dream caused by normal concerns, and by being woken up so frequently by the newborn.... The Language of Dreams

The Complete Dream Book

To dream of hearing someone crying is a portent Of good news.

To dream of crying oneself foretells success in an important undertaking.... The Complete Dream Book

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: If you are crying: you will get over worrying about another person and be happy again. See Tears.

Depth Psychology: Dreams about crying often indicate tension and fears. Arc you crying because you regret something you did? Are you crying “crocodile tears”? Crying tears of sorrow: before you know it, something will make you laugh—a very hopeful dream!... Dreamers Dictionary

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

whoever sees that he / she is crying, then laughing after that, it indicates the nearing of his term [death], because of the All-Mighty’s saying: {And he laughed and cried, while he is deadened and alivened}.... Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

My Dream Interpretation

If you dream you are crying, your mind is helping to achieve emotional balance while you sleep. You are getting out frustrations that would slow you down in your waking life.

To see others crying in your dream, it foretells unexpected calls for help from you.... My Dream Interpretation

Expansions Dream Dictionary

Purging irritations.... Expansions Dream Dictionary

Psycho Dream Interpretation

A dream of crying signifies sorrow and distress. Implications of love affairs, corrupt business dealings fall into this classification of crying dreams.... Psycho Dream Interpretation

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Emotions being released. In our dreams we experience a variety of emotions. Crying in the dream state generally has the same meaning as crying in daily life. It is a release of negative emotion, frustration, or fear. On the other hand, you could be experiencing the tears of joy. Due to repression or denial, sometimes people are unable to express their feelings. In the dream state some of our defense mechanisms may relax and an emotional release occurs. Some emotional dreams may be compensatory in nature. Thus, if you never cry in daily life, you may cry in your dreams.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary
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