Cypress, Dream Interpretation

To dream of a cypress tree represents the notion of death, the underworld, and the unconscious. It may likewise refer to a stage of mourning and misery.

Symbol: The tree of the righteous, the cypress is a sacred symbol of life, connected to the gods of the underworld.

Vision + Depth Psychology: Seeing a cypress means a sad event or setback at work or at home. Planting a cypress: somebody is going to die.

(See Evergreen)

See Tree. Memories of vacations. Longing for Warmth. Slender and graceful.

Folklore: Troubles.

An unfortunate dream, usually a premonition of trouble. Be cautious and it may be avoided.

A dream of sorrow and mourning (Artemidorus) ; symbolism agrees with the dream.

Cypress | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

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Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of God, Hosea 14:8... Christian Dream Symbols
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