Cyst, Dream Interpretation

(Sac) If one discovers a cyst in his body in a dream, it means money, determination and courage. D

To dream that you have a cyst suggests that some minor annoyance is draining your time and energy. Consider how you may have gotten the cyst.

If you dream of getting a cyst from hard work or labour, you need to put in more effort to overcome your minor problems.

To dream that you got the cyst from a burn or other injury, suggests an emotional or relationship problem.

The location of the cyst also has meaning.

If the cyst is on you hand, you may be having power struggles, or issues of self-doubt.

If the cyst is on your face, the problem relates to your confidence and self-image.

If it’s on your arm or leg, you are feeling under-confident about your ability to achieve your goals. Don’t try to struggle through alone - ask for help!

Cyst | Dream Interpretation

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cyst, dream interpretation

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